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Old School Cool – Cooling Methods from History

Today, we are used to one-step cooling. This was not always the case. History shows us some interesting and innovative cooling methods of years past.

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Tips for Heat Waves

While summer is a great time to have fun in the sun, extreme temperatures and heat waves can put you and your family at risk. Here are a few tips to avoid the heat and stay cool until the heat waves pass. Stay hydrated. Dehydration is incredibly dangerous in extreme conditions such as heat waves. […]

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Summer HVAC Maintenance

Summer is the time of year to enjoy the warm weather and relax. However, this doesn’t mean you can forget to care for your HVAC systems. In hot, humid weather, there are extra steps you should take in order to protect your home. Nothing is more unpleasant than spending a hot day at the beach […]

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Summer Energy Saving Habits

The warm summer months give way to long beach days, fun-filled backyard barbecues, and high electricity bills. To stop your bills from going through the roof, here are some quick tips on how you can reduce your electricity use and keep more money in your pocket for more fun summer activities. Turn off your AC […]

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Keeping Pets Cool this Summer

Abundant sunshine, bracing breezes, and fresh fruit signal the blooming warmth of the summer. As temperature increases, so should your attention towards your keeping your pets cool. When away from home, it is important to make sure that your pets are staying cool. Here are tips on how to ensure the safety and pleasure of […]

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Keeping Cool When You’re Out and About

Keeping you cool when you’re at home is our job, but we know that the summer months are meant to be enjoyed outdoors. Whether you are at the beach, catching a ball game, or camping under the stars, staying cool is a must. We have a few tricks and gadgets to keep you cool as […]

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Preparing for Summer Storms

With summer on the horizon that means that summer storms aren’t far behind. More storms occur during the summer season, especially in the state of Virginia. Unfortunately, summer storms don’t just affect your outdoor plans, they can also affect your air conditioning system. Luckily Miller’s Energy is here to inform and provide a solution for […]

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Improving Indoor Air Quality

Summer is just around the corner. With a change of seasons often comes a change in your indoor air quality. Here are five tips to help you avoid any issues when dealing with the AC system in your home to ensuring the best quality of air for a more comfortable home. Air Filters The average […]

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Tips for keeping moisture out of your HVAC system this summer

Summer is approaching quickly and, with that change of season, it is a good idea to look ahead for how you can keep moisture out of your HVAC system and out of your home.

woman setting thermostat

5 Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill This Spring

It’s time to say goodbye to the cold winter weather and say hello to the longer days and warmth of spring. With the temperature starting to rise outside, staying comfortable indoors is crucial. We know cooling your home in the warmer months can get expensive so we have compiled our top tips to save on […]

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