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Keep hot water on tap with a high-efficiency water heater from Miller’s

No one likes cold showers, dirty dishes or visits to the Laundromat. But if your water heater breaks down, that’s exactly what you’ll be facing. Fortunately, Miller’s has you covered when your water runs cold.

hot water heater

A new, energy-efficient water heater from Miller’s can give you reliable hot water, lower monthly bills and can even reduce environmental emissions from your home.

Miller’s offers water heaters in a variety of sizes from top-quality brands. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we can help find the right water heater for your needs and budget.

Many homeowners are opting for tankless water heaters instead of tank-type units. There are several reasons. One is savings. With no tank of water to keep warm, a tankless water heater is up to 40% more energy-efficient than a tank-type water heater. A second reason is that tankless units provide a virtually unlimited supply of hot water on demand. Third, since a tankless water heater can be hung on a wall, it can free up valuable floor space. Finally, tankless heaters are extremely durable. In fact, you can expect a tankless water heater to last up to 20 years—twice as long as a typical tank water heater.

If you’re happy with your current water heater, but want to keep it running like new, Miller’s offers expert maintenance and service plans, too, including 24-hour emergency service for when you need it most.

Don’t throw money down the drain: contact Miller’s today and see how much money a high-efficiency water heater can save you every month: 623-6600 (Southside) 595-2200 (Peninsula).


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