Heating Oil Budget Plan|Miller’s Preferred Customer Account

Enjoy predictable winter bills with a Miller’s heating oil budget plan: the Preferred Customer Account (PCA)

Sign up today for a Miller’s Preferred Customer Account and avoid sticker shock on your heating bill during the cold winter months.

Our PCA program makes your bills more manageable and predictable because your payments are divided into 11 monthly installments, which can cut your winter fuel bills in half. You pay the same amount each month, no matter how cold it gets or if you need more than one delivery over a billing period.

That means no surprises on your monthly bills. Plus, you get the benefit of automatic delivery, which eliminates your risk of running out of fuel in peak heating season.

Halfway through the year we’ll monitor your usage to make adjustments if they’re needed.

Contact us today to learn more, at 623-6600 (Southside) 595-2200 (Peninsula), or simply fill out the form below to get started.

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