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As the weather is cooling down outside, don’t let keeping your home comfortable become a problem. Be proactive and start now. Keeping that cold out and your home comfortable should not be a huge struggle and it should not cost a fortune. Here are 5 easy tips to help you keep the cold out.

Check and seal any drafts.

Feel for any cool area coming in around windows. Seal windows and doors with weather stripping to ensure that no outside air can get through. Don’t forget to check the joints where the walls meet the ceilings and floors to make sure there is no air leaking through. These can easily be filled with silicone caulk.

Stop up the chimney when it is not being used.

Don’t use your fireplace every day? Lots of cool air can be pulled in while your warm air is being sucked up and out of your chimney. A flue-top damper or balloon-type plug are efficient tools to stop up your chimney for the season.

Insulate windows with shades or curtains.

Insulated shades and curtains or even homemade insulated panels can help, especially at night. But be careful to move them for the day-time to not to block the solar heat that comes in during the day.

Insulate what is under your feet.

The basement or crawlspace under your home can become very chilly. The best way to prevent your little piggies from freezing this winter, is to insulate that space. Also, an area rug in each of your main living spaces would help as well.

Talk to a professional

Professionals can assist in testing for air leaks and help you solve the issue with your budget in mind.


For more about economical ways to heat your home, contact the professionals at Miller’s HVAC.

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